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Preparation and activation

Due to the regulations and laws in Korea, Prepaid simcards need to be activated before they can be used.

If you already know your arrival date in Korea, please activate your simcard as soon as possible at

You can specify the arrival date in the activation process. The simcard will be activated about 20 hours before arrival in Korea.


If you need a guide for activating your card you should check out this page.


Please note that you have to activate your card at least 24 hours prior to your arrival 

Compatibility mobile/SIM-card


Every simcard purchased on is a nano-sized simcard.

We always add a multi simcard adaptor, so you can insert the simcard into devices that only have a micro or normal-sized sim slot.


Please also make sure your mobile phone supports the UMTS-Standard or you will not be able to use the card in Korea.

Please also note that if your device is simlocked, it probably will not work, even though most devices nowadays are sold without simlock.

Internet via LTE

The validity of our internet packages is 30 days.

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet you should check your APN settings.

The following access point should already be configured as “KT” on your device, if not, you will need to set the following options for the access point manually:

If this configuration is already set but not working please remove APN and add again to reset the settings.

For iPhone / iOS Devices please visit with your mobile device for automatic APN profile installation.


After you’ve completely used up your data you won’t be able to access the internet anymore and a purchase of a new internet package will be required if you desire to have access to the internet again.

When you used up all your data you are still able to use the free Wi-Fi Hotspots.

App / Administration / Charging

For charging and credit check we have an app called “SIMCARD KOREA” which is available for Android and iOS.

You can charge your credit by credit card or on our website here

Operator / Mobile network

Operator of the network is the Korean company Evergreen Mobile Co., Ltd., which works as a virtual mobile network operator in the network of kt (Korea Telecom). cludes GmbH is an official distributor and sells the SIM-cards i.a. in Germany.

APN Settings with iOS 13

Since the latest Update of iOS 13, the way to install APN Profiles has been changed. Follow these Instructions to install our Profile:


The Profile you need can be found here: