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Korean Drama & Movie Filming Locations With the popularity of Korean dramas, movies and TV programs spreading worldwide, we invite tourists to see and experience sets that were actually used to film dramas like Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, My Love from the Star, and Mr. Sunshine. Visit the sets and relive your favorite scenes.
Dae Jang Geum Park:
A great number of Korean period dramas, including Dae Jang Geum (a.k.a. Jewel in the Palace) and Moon Embracing the Sun, and other TV programs and movies were filmed here. The park consists of experience zones where visitors can try on traditional clothing and take pictures, an Oriental tea café, souvenir shops and more.

Sunshine Land
This place houses Sunshine Studio, the main set for the drama Mr. Sunshine. Glory Hotel, which was perhaps the most important setting of the drama, serves as a rest area and souvenir shop. Other facilities include 1950 Nangman Studio, which is a recreation of the 1950s of Korea, and the Military Experience Center, where visitors can play survival game and experience various VR activities.