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Seoul lights up after dark. Under the bright moonlight, a serene walkway travels through palaces and city walls built more than 600 years ago. Dazzling attractions of the glamorous city include observatories offering breathtaking city views, ferry tours on the Hangang River, lively night markets and more.

To enjoy a silent night in Seoul, you should head to Naksan Park in the Naksan section of the Hanyangdoseong Seoul City Wall. It offers great views of the Wall and the vibrant city. Seokchon Lake also offers peaceful lakeside walks.

Seoul shines and sparkles all night long. From the Namsan Seoul Tower in Namsan Park, visitors can see the entire city with its glittery skyscrapers. The observatory on the 60th floor of 63 Square also offers exceptional views of the Hangang River flowing through the city. And Lotte World Tower, the tallest building in Korea, has an observatory with glass floors.