Before visit

After receipt of the SIM card and as soon as the date of entry is fixed, the card can be activated. The activation should already be done before the entry.
For activation a valid passport must be uploaded on our activation page. You can find the activation page at www.simcard-korea.com/activate
In order to avoid delays in the activation process, please activate your account at least 1-2 days before you enter the country. Please indicate the actual date of entry, as these dates will be checked.

If you have already activated your account, but your travel details change, please notify customer service immediately and at least 2 days before the date you have specified. The activation can then be cancelled free of charge and carried out again on a different date.

After activation of the sim card on our website, the data is manually checked by us. Among other things the following is checked: Is it a valid passport that has not expired? Is the passport number legible? Is the passport number and date of birth correct?
If there are discrepancies, you will receive an e-mail with a rejection. Otherwise, the passport will be activated automatically by 2 o’clock am on the day of entry or, depending on the tariff, the day before. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail when your passport has been activated. The card can be used immediately upon entry.

The passport used to activate the card must come from the card user, as the system automatically checks the actual entry. If, exceptionally, you have two passports, it is essential that you use the same passport that is used for entry.

Customers with a Korean passport can also use our sim card. However, as an entry check is not always possible with a Korean passport, an additional verification may be carried out via the flight ticket. If this is necessary, you will be contacted by customer service via e-mail.

After visit

The first use is limited to 90 days after entry. However, for VISA holders and Korean passport holders, the card can be extended until the end of the actual stay via our customer service (see also the section on long-term use).

You have the option of booking additional credit or internet packages at any time (even before you enter the country). As payment method you can use credit card and Paypal.
You can find both our web app and mobile app at: www.simcard-korea.com/app

see https://www.simcard-korea.com/de_DE/prices/ (billing to the second!)
The Premium/Unlimited Package includes calls to landline/mobile phones within Korea (except for special numbers with costs) and internet.

– free of charge –

Since we read and check every card electronically before dispatch, a card defect is very rare. In case of connection problems, please contact our customer service immediately or use our Selfcare Center. If our employees detect a defect on the card, we will immediately exchange the card in Korea. This will be done within one working day.

Long term use

The SIM card can be used for a maximum of 90 days. However, if you stay longer in Korea, an extension is possible. An ARC is required for the extension. You can find further information on this at: https://www.simcard-korea.com/en_GB/extension/
A photograph of the ARC must be submitted to the ARC by e-mail in good time before the 90 days have expired.

Many Korean websites and apps require ID verification to use them. The identity is verified by the owner of the phone number. Without this service the apps and websites cannot be used. The service can be activated free of charge via the customer service. Activation is only possible for ARC holders (see card extension). Please note that the subsequent activation of the service may result in a change of phone number. However, it is not necessary to exchange the card.

Purchase and shipping

Your Korean cell phone number (010-xxxx-xxxx) is already printed on the SIM card.

We ship the card from Germany, Korea and USA. The shipping time is: in Korea 1 working day (or in emergency Quick Delivery Service: 2 hours) in Europe 1-2 working days other countries 2-7 working days (average). For Amazon-Prime customers a free express delivery of the card is possible: 

Amazon Prime Germany

Amazon Prime USA

You set the tariff for Simcards purchased via Amazon in our web-app after pre-activation.

For Korea/Seoul, we offer an express delivery service for SIM cards in urgent cases. This must be requested via customer service and costs EUR 10,- per week and EUR 15,- per weekend. The cards will be delivered within 2 hours.

Direct debit, invoice, credit card, Paypal

The period of use is 90 days (extendable: see long-term use) and begins upon entry. You have up to 12 months time for activation after purchasing the ticket.

The SIM card is for Korea only. Roaming in other countries is blocked. Therefore you can only make calls/surf and use SMS in Korea with our card.

We primarily use the mobile network of SKT (SK Telecom). Optionally we also offer cards for companies in the network of kt (Korean Telecom). We work with our own tariffs and offers optimized for tourists and business travelers.

For regular business trips you have the possibility to make a general agreement with us. In this case we will provide you with a contingent of cards. The billing is based on the actually activated SIM cards.

For legal reasons, a maximum of one SIM card per person/passport may be activated in Korea. If, in exceptional cases (e.g. for business reasons), more than one SIM card per person is required, this must be requested from Customer Service before using the activation. The system automatically checks the actual entry via the passport. If no entry is found, the card will be blocked.


A change from one of the basic tariffs to a premium tariff and vice versa can be made via our customer service. If the change is made after entry, only the remaining telephony credit can be transferred to the new tariff. Internet volume expires. Already paid but not yet started future premium months can be charged.

How to use ID-Verification with SIMCARD-KOREA (need for Kakao Pay and other Korean services)

ID-Verficiation is only possible for ARC-Holders. ID-Verification can be activated for free at our support. Activation status can be checked in Selfcare Center. If activated you can use ID-Verification:

1.Please choose 알뜰폰 or MVNO (depending on Website).
2. Next please choose SK telecom
3. Please enter your Name (Firstname Lastname) + your ARC-ID

Options to optimise data consumption:

  1. In the settings, make sure that the mobile phone uses a WLAN connection (if available). On newer smartphones, the setting can be changed between mobile data and WLAN if the WLAN connection is slow. Turn this off to reduce data consumption.
  2. Disable automatic updates in the Google Playstore / App Store. You can do this in the Playstore / App Store under “Settings”.
  3. Newer smartphones have a “data saving” function which limits the data usage in the background. There is also a warning option if too much data has been used at once. You can find these functions in the data settings of your smartphone. 
  4. Many streaming platforms offer a download service for videos. You can simply download the videos and watch them offline. If you do want to watch a video on YouTube, for example, you should pay attention to the quality of the video. Videos with high quality significantly increase data consumption. 
  5. Avoid using large videos or photos via messenger platforms.