This is how to easily activate your SIMCARD-KOREA simcard!

Because of the laws in Korea you must register your prepaid simcard before using it in Korea. Please note, that you must activate the card before you travel to Korea. If you already know your arrivaldate you can start the activation process of the card. The date of arrival will be set in the activation process so we can activate the card on the date you arrive.

To activate please only use our website

and this is how it works:
Step 1: Take a picture of your passport with your mobile phone – please only take a picture of the side with a photo of your face.

Step 2: With your mobile phone, visit the activation page: Activation Page
Step 3: Accept the Terms and Conditins
Step 4: Now enter the following information:
a) Mobile phone number (Korean one)
b) Last three digits of your simcard
c) date of arrival
d) date of departure
e) email address
f) passport number
g) first name
h) last name
i) Photo of your passport

Please note that you need to activate your card at least 24 hours before your arrival.