Airport Pickup
This order form is only for airport pickup. If you need postal delivery please visit our offer overview.

  • Pickup service is currently only available at Incheon (Terminal 1+2) and Gimhae Airport
  • You need to present your voucher for pickup
  • You need a picture of your passport in order proccess
  • Just one simcard per passport allowed
  • Our special offer: Order now without reservation fee
First name
Last name
E-Mail Address
Date of Arrival in Korea (e.g. 2017-12-01) (If you plan to arrive tomorrow, you must order before 5pm korean time)
Date of Departure (e.g. 2017-12-31)
Choose and add packages (details further down)
Voucher (if available)
Payment method
Credit card

additional option of packages

every included service is only valid for 30 days. upon exhaustion / expiring of the included service, you can get an additional package either via our Website or on our App.

if you book a new internetpackage, before your internetpackage is expired, your new data balance will be added on top of your old balance, also your package will be valid 30 days longer.

all simcards have a validity maximum of 90 days, if the card has enough credit. Is your trip to korea longer than 90 days? A card activation with a ARC (Alien Registration Card) will set the maximum validity of the simcard to the expire date of the ARC.