Longterm usage


Each SIM card is valid for 90 days usage. If you plan to stay more than 90 days you need to:


Activate the simcard.


Upon your arrival in Korea, request an ARC (Alien Registration Card).


Send your phone number and the ARC (front and back) to team@simcard-korea.com.


We then change the validity to the expiry date of your ARC card.

  • Your phone number and current amount will be keep
  • The minimum topup per additional month is 10,000 won (or equivalent / higher valent internet package)
  • The extension SIM card must always be credited. If you have 0 KRW left the SIM card will disabled and if not recharged terminated after 14 days.

You could also buy more than one SIM card and activate the new SIM card if the old one gets expired. In this case the current amount and phone number cannot be transferred to the new SIM card.


Note for Korean passport holders: If you have a Korean passport and the card was also activated with this pass, you do not need any additional documents. For renewal please let us know the desired date of use by e-mail to info@simcard-korea.com.

If you are A-VISA-Holder then there is no need for additional ARC verification. You can just request extension and contact our customer support.