Call & SurfBasicSmallMediumLarge
Internet-500 MB / 30 days1 GB / 30 days2 GB / 30 days
Voice credit3,000 ₩3,000 ₩3,000 ₩3,000 ₩


Call & SurfPremium litePremium StudentPremiumPremium plus
Internet15 GB / 30 days
(fair use policy)
300 MB / 30 days
(fair use policy)
unlimited / 30 days
(12 GB + 2 GB per day fair use policy)
unlimited / 30 days
(100 GB fair use policy)
Voice credit100 min / 30 days
within Korea
unlimited calls within Korea
SMS credit100 SMS / 30 days
within Korea
unlimited SMS within Korea
After reaching “fair use policy” your internet speed is slowed down to 3-5 Mbit/s – still enough to watch for example YouTube on mobile devices.


If you book a new data package before expiration, the new period and new data will be added to remaining period + data. You can request switching between regular packages to Premium or Premium plus and vice versa. If you switch, any remaining data will be canceled but voice balance is being kept.

500 MB data7,33+30 daysBasic, Small, Medium, Large only
1 GB data11,92+30 daysBasic, Small, Medium, Large only
2 GB data16,50+30 daysBasic, Small, Medium, Large only
Premium lite33,00+30 daysPremium
Premium student38,55+30 daysPremium
Premium classic55,00+30 daysPremium
Premium plus65,00+30 daysPremium
5,000 won voice4,17+20 daysfor all avialable
10,000 won voice8,33+30 daysfor all avialable
20,000 won voice16,67+60 daysfor all avialable
30,000 won voice25,00+90 daysfor all avialable

If you are using a Premium or Premium plus plan and would like to switch to Basic/Small/Medium/Large plan or vice versa, please contact the support.
If you recharge 500MB/1GB/2GB before current package expires, we will extend current expiration period with 30 days and add new data package to current data balance. So you will not loose any data.


SMS dispatch (local)22 ₩Included for Premium and Premium plus customers
SMS dispatch (international)165 ₩please dial 00700 + country code (without 00)
Internet usage without any data package22,53 ₩ / MBIncluded for Premium and Premium plus customers; Charged for people without data package or if no data left
Longterm usage (over 90 days)freeARC/Overseas-Korean-ID-Card, Korean-ID-Card or A-Visa need.
ID-Verification-Service for foreign passport holdersfreeMinimum age 19 years old.


Regular international delivery fee (from Korea, Singapore, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and Germany) 5 €
Next day delivery fee available in lots of regions in Europe, Korea, Singapore, Japan, USA, Canada, Australiafrom
7 €
please contact support for this service
2 hour express delivery within Seoul (regular / out of office hours)15 € -
20 €
Quick sim card delivery / contact support for this service
same day courier express delivery out of Seoulfrom
35 €
please contact support for this service


For Premium and Premium plus plans calls within Korea to landline/mobile phones are free of charge (service line numbers may be charged).
No charges for incoming calls. All rates are charged per Second (e.g. if you call 30 seconds we charge just 50% of rate per minute. The 005 prefix is needed for international calls. If you use different prefixes, charges are much higher.

Korea264 ₩ per minNo prefix or country code for local calls !
Afghanistan442.2 ₩ per min005-93
Albania178.2 ₩ per min005-355
Algeria673.2 ₩ per min005-213
Angola673.2 ₩ per min005-244
Argentina468.6 ₩ per min005-54
Armenia264 ₩ per min005-374
Australia283.8 ₩ per min005-61
Austria422.4 ₩ per min005-43
azerbaijan264 ₩ per min005-994
bahrain442.2 ₩ per min005-973
Bangladesh145.2 ₩ per min005-880
Belgium567.6 ₩ per min005-32
Bhutan219 ₩ per min005-975
Bolivia448.8 ₩ per min005-591
Bosnia178.2 ₩ per min005-387
Brazil468.6 ₩ per min005-55
Brunei115.8 ₩ per min005-673
Bulgaria514.8 ₩ per min005-359
Cambodia115.8 ₩ per min005-855
Cameroon640.2 ₩ per min005-237
Canada85.8 ₩ per min005-1204
Central-African-Republic673.2 ₩ per min005-236
Chile448.8 ₩ per min005-56
China76.2 ₩ per min005-86
Colombia448.8 ₩ per min005-57
Costa-Rica448.8 ₩ per min005-506
Croatia178.2 ₩ per min005-385
Cuba594 ₩ per min005-53
Czech514.8 ₩ per min005-420
Denmark422.4 ₩ per min005-45
Ecuador594 ₩ per min005-593
Egypt1161.6 ₩ per min005-20
Ethiopia1161.6 ₩ per min005-251
Fiji1240.8 ₩ per min005-679
Finland448.8 ₩ per min005-358
France204.6 ₩ per min005-33
Germany270.6 ₩ per min005-49
Ghana673.2 ₩ per min005-233
Greece422.4 ₩ per min005-30
Guatemala594 ₩ per min005-502
Honduras594 ₩ per min005-504
Hong-Kong198 ₩ per min005-852
Hungary514.8 ₩ per min005-36
Iceland567.6 ₩ per min005-354
India145.2 ₩ per min005-91
Indonesia118.8 ₩ per min005-62
Iran442.2 ₩ per min005-98
Iraq442.2 ₩ per min005-964
Ireland567.6 ₩ per min005-353
Israel442.2 ₩ per min005-972
Italy547.8 ₩ per min005-39
Jamaica594 ₩ per min005-1876
Japan277.2 ₩ per min005-81
Jordan442.2 ₩ per min005-962
Kazakhstan257.4 ₩ per min005-7300
Kenya1161.6 ₩ per min005-254
Kuwait442.2 ₩ per min005-965
Kyrgyzstan264 ₩ per min005-996
Laos115.8 ₩ per min005-856
Lebanon442.2 ₩ per min005-961
Libya673.2 ₩ per min005-218
Lithuania178.2 ₩ per min005-370
Luxembourg448.8 ₩ per min005-352
Macedonia264 ₩ per min005-389
Malaysia112.2 ₩ per min005-60
Maldives219 ₩ per min005-960
Mexico363 ₩ per min005-52
Monaco448.8 ₩ per min005-377
Mongolia122.4 ₩ per min005-976
Morocco640.2 ₩ per min005-212
Myanmar574.2 ₩ per min005-95
Nepal219 ₩ per min 005-977
Netherlands481.8 ₩ per min 005-31
New-Zealand349.8 ₩ per min005-64
Nigeria1161.6 ₩ per min005-234
Norway422.4 ₩ per min005-47
Oman442.2 ₩ per min005-968
Pakistan165 ₩ per min005-92
Palestine442.2 ₩ per min005-970
Panama594 ₩ per min005-507
Paraguay594 ₩ per min005-595
Peru594 ₩ per min005-51
Philippines252.6 ₩ per min005-63
Poland257.4 ₩ per min005-48
Portugal422.4 ₩ per min005-351
Qatar442.2 ₩ per min005-974
Rumania264 ₩ per min005-40
Russia217.8 ₩ per min005-7
Saudi-Arabia442.2 ₩ per min005-966
Senegal640.2 ₩ per min005-221
Singapore132 ₩ per min005-65
Slovakia257.4 ₩ per min005-421
Slovenia178.2 ₩ per min005-386
South-Africa673.2 ₩ per min005-27
Spain481.8 ₩ per min005-34
Srilanka219 ₩ per min005-94
Sudan640.2 ₩ per min005-249
Swaziland673.2 ₩ per min005-268
Sweden481.8 ₩ per min005-46
Switzerland481.8 ₩ per min005-41
Syria442.2 ₩ per min005-963
Taiwan171.6 ₩ per min005-886
Tajikistan264 ₩ per min005-992
Tanzania1161.6 ₩ per min005-255
Thailand82.8 ₩ per min005-66
Togo1161.6 ₩ per min005-228
Tunisia640.2 ₩ per min005-216
Turkey653.4 ₩ per min005-90
Turkmenistan264 ₩ per min005-993
UAE382.8 ₩ per min005-971
Uganda1161.6 ₩ per min005-256
Ukraine264 ₩ per min005-380
United-Kingdom297 ₩ per min005-44
Uruguay448.8 ₩ per min005-598
US-Guam310.2 ₩ per min005-1671
US-Saipan310.2 ₩ per min005-1670
USA85.8 ₩ per min005-1
Uzbekistan178.2 ₩ per min005-998
Venezuela594 ₩ per min005-58
Vietnam165 ₩ per min005-84
Yemen442.2 ₩ per min005-967
Zambia640.2 ₩ per min005-260
Zimbabwe673.2 ₩ per min005-263